Slovenian Webclassroom - Topic outlines

Use of the Internet and topic selection

The topic outlines presented here have been prepared with the aim of using the Internet and resources available on it for student activities and tasks. This means that topic selection will be to a considerable extent determined by the availability of resources on the Slovenian web network.


The topic outlines reflect an integrated approach to language learning, combining the language skills of reading writing, speaking and listening, grammar, a variety of text types*, and the skill of using resources on the Internet. Apart from the focus on the Internet resources, the emphasis in the choice of topics is on the society and culture of the country where the language is spoken. Other topics are intended to develop practical language skills in a practical context. They will range from real situations, Slovenian cultural events and customs, places of interest, historical events, current issues and literature. Topics will be presented on a regular basis.

The outlines contain topic-based student activities, several text-types or discourse forms, suggested grammatical elements - to be covered as an integral part of the written or oral texts/activities - and a list of available resources on the topic.

The topic outlines are intended primarily for the use of the teacher, who can adapt the topic outline to his/her own needs and develop the appropriate approach to the topic, provide additional resources and select appropriate grammar and reinforcement activities in accordance to the language ability and needs of the students.

Each topic is activity-based. The activities provide the basis for the student to develop language skills. A range of text-types is incorporated to develop the students' communicative competence.

*Text-types oral or written conventional forms of communication, for example: advertisement, brochure, interview, map, menu, poem, short story, song.

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