This is the goddess of death and rebirth, that in the mythology of individual nations appears under different names. Her messenger since pre-historic time has been the owl, who is even today still regarded as herald of death.


Frygian name Zemele means earth in Baltic and Slavic languages, the ground, the world. Its identification with the Greek Gaia has been preserved by Latvians as mother earth Žemyna

Anton Janša

Anton Janša: "Among all of God’s creatures there is none as industrious and as useful, and needing less care, nourishment, or costing less than the bee".

How it came to be

In the rich Slovenian folk tale tradition there are many different types of tales. Very significant, attractive and often humourous are the tales of how things came to be. We are presenting the tale of how the rocky Kras region of Slovenia, and the Vilenica cave.

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