Dominkova Homestead

Dominkova Homestead is today more than a museum. Medicinal herbs are growing in the garden. In front of the house they still sow corn, plant garlic and other produce …


Korant was god father of his people. His name can be traced back to the people called Carni and their land Korotan. Roman Noricum included him in its pantheon as Caruontanus.


Architecture of Abiro established by architects Miloš Florjaničič (1955) and Matej Blenkuš (1971) significantly marked the space of Slovenian contemporary architecture …


Vesna, the goddess of spring is better known in other Slavic traditions. In Slovenian tradition this is expressed in festivity of Palm Sunday, Flower Sunday in Slovenian and symbolized in “butara,” the Easter sheaf.


Čatež as described in Slovenian legends is identical with Greek Pan, and his double Roman Silvanus. In common with these deities Čatež is half man half goat, and has horns.

Glagolitic script in Slovenia

Glagolica was still in common use in parts of Slovenia during the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. In the 16th century Reformation movement and the introduction by Primož Trubar of the Latin …

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From 1984 – 2013 Institute for Slovenian Studies of Victoria publications, materials for Slovenian language learning, teaching and Slovenian culture studies…

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