Tales of Dwarfs

The underground is the domain of the dwarfs, who guard its treasures. They can lead to great riches, but never willingly. They must be tricked to reveal the hidden treasures of the earth. In their contact with humanity, they are mischievous and love to play tricks.

Baron Sigismund von Herberstein

An eminent diplomat of the Habsburg Empire in the 16th century, Sigismund (Žiga) von Herberstein (1486-1566) was the first to make use of his knowledge of Slovenian language in his diplomatic career and in research.

Primož Trubar

The third defining event in Slovenian history is the emergence of reformation and its guiding spirit – Primož Trubar, a priest and disciple of Martin Luther. Trubar argued for Slovenian …

Glagolitic script in Slovenia

Glagolica was still in common use in parts of Slovenia during the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. In the 16th century Reformation movement and the introduction by Primož Trubar of the Latin …

The Water Man

In Slovenian folklore there are countless tales of Povodni mož/Water man, sometimes called Gestrin. He is a water spirit, often described as half man, half fish, who can change his appearance on land and may play mischief on humans.

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